PGA Junior League

In 2011, the PGA of America launched a national program called PGA Junior League. The concept was to create something like baseball’s Little League, but for golf. This program has seen tremendous growth throughout the country and in Colorado.
Junior golfers, ages 13 and under, will participate on a team of 10-12 players, receive weekly instruction from a PGA Golf Professional, and will have the opportunity to play other courses in weekly matches here in Eagle County.

The price has been set at $200.00 per child.

We believe that the PGA Junior League will help us to create a positive, encouraging, and more inclusive experience. The nine-hole format will be scored in a scramble format. Eight kids travel as a team where then two kids from our team will play against two kids from the other team on each hole. They earn a point for each hole that they win. Every three holes, players have the option to sub in a teammate. Those who are waiting to play their three holes are coaching, encouraging, reading putts, tending the flagstick, etc. The parents and coaches stay on the cart path and are mostly quiet, only there if the need arises.
Matches will be on Monday afternoons throughout June and July. The nine-hole matches will usually take about 2 ½ – 3 hours to complete. Parents are responsible for providing transportation to each event. The event schedule and start times will be finalized after team registration is complete in late May.
Our teams will have a one-hour practice each week on Thursday afternoons. Each practice will be coached and instructed by an Eagle Ranch Golf Professional and the kids will have the option of playing 9 holes after practice. The PGA Coach will pair the kids into groups and check on their progress during their round.
Finally, we want to encourage a strong level of commitment and participation from our players and parents. To make this program successful, we all need to be able to field full teams for each event. Parents are needed to help supervise a group during competitions as they players from each team will be spread between 4 or 5 foursomes. Parents are encouraged to participate as spectators (from the cart path).
There is an opportunity for some of the kids to move on to compete at a larger regional level and even potentially play in a National Championship.

For more information or to register, go to: