Flatirons Junior Golf


-Every class will always meet at the round flower bed outside of the bar and grill.
-Please bring a water bottle, snacks, sunscreen, and any medications your juniors may need.
-Students may bring their own clubs or borrow from our assortment of different sized clubs.
-Please arrive 5 minutes before class start time. Classes will start promptly as scheduled.
-Depending on the threat level, we may cancel class and reschedule. Shelter will be taken in
the bar and grill if necessary.

our programs

Due to current circumstances we will be redoing our 2020 schedule. Anyone who is currently registered will be contacted with any changes. Please stay tuned for updates.

Chip shots

Ages 5-8 – $120

Chip Shots is a program geared towards younger children (ages 5 – 8) looking to start the game of golf. With an emphasis on fun we guarantee your junior will leave exhausted but eagerly wanting to come back next week!

PAr class

All Ages (Skill based) – $120

Par level classes are another fun based introduction to golf through physical activities, golf instruction and progressive on-course activities including SNAG golf, foot golf and regular golf. This is the best option for those new to the game and who want to learn with friends. Many juniors enjoy repeating the Par class and we do not recommend registering for Birdie unless the juniors or parents feel that they are personally motivated and ready for a more golf specific, intensive and individualized golf experience.

birdie class

All Ages (Skill based) – $180

Birdie level classes are meant for students who have been playing the game for a few years, or who have extensive on course experience. These classes will be more technically intensive than the Par Level and will bring students out onto the course to receive instruction related to course management and translating the skills they learn on the practice tee to actual play. They will be supervised on the course but in more of a coaching atmosphere than at the Par level.

Lady’s Club

all ages – $120

Golf has been known to be a predominantly male game; with Lady’s Club we hope to change that! Here at Flat-irons, we want to encourage young ladies to come out and take lessons/play; so we’re happy to give them an environment where they’ll feel more comfortable doing just that. Alongside other junior girls, they’ll learn to play the game from tee to green over the course of six weeks all while having fun and making friendships that will extend outside of the program.

High school club beginners

ages 14 & Up – $180

High School Club for beginners follows the same curriculum as the Par Level classes but is strictly for 14+ year olds. This allows them to have a more comfortable environment to learn the game of golf.