Tournament Players’ Series

Instead of one league for all players, there will be two different tournament series for different levels of players.

Younger, less experienced players are encouraged to participate in the PGA Junior League.

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Older and more accomplished players can register to participate in The First Tee Tournament Players’ Series. 

These events will be open to junior golfers, ages 17 and younger.
These will be more competitive individual play tournaments intended for junior golfers who can score and walk 9 holes and keep up playing their own ball.
These tournaments will be completely separate from the PGA Junior League.

Registration for the Tournament players’ series is available by contacting the golf course hosting each event.


Red Sky: (970) 754-8377
Eagle Vail: (970) 790-1200
Frost Creek: (970) 328-2326
Eagle Ranch: (970) 328-2882
Vail GC: (970) 479-2260
Gypsum Creek: (970) 524-6200

Format:  Individual 9-hole stroke play

Age Groups:  Boys and Girls Divisions 11-13 years (course length: 2500-2750 yards – boys and girls)    14-17 years (3000-3250 yards – boys, 2500-2750 – girls)

Maximum stroke rule of 10

Entry fee:  $20

Groups of three players when possible for speed of play Volunteer / Parent chaperone with each group.